Satuit Lodge of Freemasons A.F. & A.M.

Satuit Lodge, 344 Country Way, Scituate, MA;  PH: (781) 545-9955;  Webmaster:
MAIL CORRESPONDENCE TO: Mr. J. Michael Lesher, Secretary, P.O. Box , Scituate, MA 02066-4020

Welcome to Satuit Lodge

As Freemasons we embrace the tenets of Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love. We do this by using the teachings of Freemasonry to better ourselves, our community and each other.

All men must "freely" come to the Masonic family. We wait patiently for the special man to knock on our door and seek admittance. Feel free to browse our site; investigate us and Freemasonry. See for yourself what we are doing here. We hope this site creates interest in joining the greatest and largest Fraternity in the world. You can make that "knock" on our outer door by going to our Membership Inquiriespage, or by contacting any of the members on the side bar.

Our History

Satuit Lodge A.F. & A.M. was originally chartered in 1876. Like all lodges of Massachusetts, Satuit does not possess a lodge number. This is unique to Masonic lodges of Massachusetts and traces back to 1792 when practitioners of "Ancient" Freemasonry and "Modern" Freemasonry could not resolve a dispute of which practice was first founded in this new commonwealth. At the time, this was considered an honorable bragging right. After merging, these two Masonic bodies agreed to abandon lodge numbers altogether. What is noteworthy, however, is that The Grand Lodge of Massachusettsremains one of the oldest Masonic lodges in the world (1733) behind the Grand Lodge of England (1717); and the Grand Lodge of Ireland (1725).

Satuit Lodge currently sits at 344 Country Way in Scituate. The building's corner stone was laid in 1929. However, this is not the first site of Satuit Lodge. In the late 1800's, brothers originally met on Front Street and eventually moved their meetings to the Grand Army of the Republic Hall(GAR) which still stands across the street from Satuit's current location.

Many early, distinguished residents of the town of Scituate played a role in the chartering, construction, and continuing leadership of Satuit Lodge. Damon, Litchfield, Merritt, Cole (Cole Parkway), Hitchcock, and Gates (Gates Middle School) are just a few of the men to whom we owe our lodge's existence.

More recently, in 1997, the Nantascot Lodge of Hull, Massachusetts was merged into Satuit Lodge. This move ensured the longevity of Nantascot's loyal brotherhood and infused Satuit with a valuable host of leaders. R.W. Herbert I. Lewis was one of those men and continues to symbolize the ideal of a Masonic life-path. Meet some of Satuit Lodge's other leaders by clicking here.

Satuit Lodge proudly offers a Scrimshaw Masonic lapel pin (5/8" diameter) crafted from 10,000 year old mastodon tusk.  This elegant pin, designed by a Brother, hearkens to our New England heritage and features the All Seeing Eye surrounded by the Square and Compasses with rays of light surrounding it.  Great for gifts to a newly admitted Brother, awards, or for your own pleasure!  Please contact Wor. Charles Stockbridge for ordering information.  A donation of $35 is requested per pin.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.  A replica pin is also available with a requested donation of $15.

Satuit Lodge is part of the 18th Masonic District and chartered under the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts A.F. & A.M.

M.W. Paul Fulton Gleason, Grand Master

Recent News

Greetings Brethren and guests! Our first regular communication of the new Masonic year will be on Wednesday September 20, 2017. As per our lodge's bylaws, this is the date of our annual meeting to review the past Masonic year. The annual meeting is open only to current members of Satuit Lodge. It is only one portion of the evening, though. The regular meeting that evening is open to all Brothers, and our dinners are always open to our Brothers and their guests. If you would like to join us for dinner, please contact our Junior Warden, Bro. Frank Judge.

This will also be the final meeting over which the current Master of the lodge, Wor. Robert Smith, shall preside. Wor. Robert is also the webmaster and author of this lodge news post. On a personal note, I would like to extend my deepest and sincerest gratitude to everyone who aided and supported me and our lodge during my time in the East. We have been through some trials, but I firmly believe we have reached and passed the climax of our struggles. It is thanks to your encouragement and dedication that I can feel confident in saying this.

I look forward to the term of my successor in office, Wor. Carl E. Russell, and I ask everyone to give him their full faith and support. Wor. Carl has been an active part of our Fraternity, in the truest sense of the word "active," for many years. He has worked with many lodges and kept pace with the changing times. Most importantly, he has seen and been an integral part of what has brought us success in our purposes across our district. He was extraordinarily helpful to Satuit Lodge in helping us find the end of our difficult path. I have full confidence in him to now guide our lodge on the beginning of its journey forward.

Upcoming Events:

Installation of Satuit Lodge Officers - Saturday September 23rd

Please come and join us in supporting our officers for the 2017-2018 Masonic Year!

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Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master, Wor. Robert A. Smith
Senior Warden, Wor. Carl E. Russell
Junior Warden, Bro. Frank Judge
Treasurer, Bro. John F. Gallagher
Assistant Treasurer, R.W. Herbert I. Lewis
Secretary, Bro. J. Michael Lesher
Assistant Secretary, Bro. Glenn E.Snow
Chaplain, Bro. Edward Hatchigian
Assoc. Chaplain, Bro. Rodney Hine
Marshal, Bro. Joseph Broderick
Senior Deacon, Bro. Scott Hollis
Junior Deacon, Bro. Christopher Carchia
Senior Steward, Bro. Stewart J. Withrow
Junior Steward, Bro. Paul DeLeo
Inside Sentinel, Bro. Daniel Hodgkins
Organist, Wor. Michael L. Smith
Tyler, Wor. Edwin A. Taylor
Electrician, Not Installed

Ritualist, R.W. Robert A. Goodwin
Awareness Officer, Not Installed
Service Committee Chair, R.W. Edwin R. Parsons Jr.
Proxy to the Grand Lodge, R.W. Edwin R. Parsons Jr.


Masonic Ambassadors
R.W. Robert A. Goodwin
Wor. Michael L. Smith
R.W. Edwin R. Parsons Jr.

Building Association Officers
President, Bro. Joseph Broderick
Clerk, Bro. Paul DeLeo
Treasurer, Bro. J. Michael Lesher