Satuit Lodge of Freemasons A.F. & A.M.

We better ourselves through bettering the lives of others with service, charity, and brotherly love.

Faces of Satuit Lodge

Below are just a few of the men that make up the character of Satuit Lodge. We come from all walks of life but share a common goal to advance as mentors, philanthropists, community leaders, and proponents of the values that our country and families are founded on.

The portraits and remarks on this page will change often. No one man exemplifies Satuit Lodge by himself alone. This page is meant to give you just a glimpse of who we are.

Wor. Master, Bradford E. Spear

"We become Masons for a variety of personal reasons; we stay Masons for one reason -- choice. Masonry doesn't teach or preach moral values, but because all Masons share the same basic principles of right and wrong, we do have a profound feeling of brotherhood among us. We carry our values into our personal and professional lives, hoping just to be good family and community members. Where one's church fills the religious needs of a man's life, Freemasonry fills the fraternal need, and no matter where we travel, we can always find a brother."

Wor. John W. Richardson

"To learn from all that has gone before, from all that we have now, and to have faith in all that has yet to come. It will always remain here. We are all from the same Mother Earth. To maintain a clear eye and attentive ear, to advance and aspire to inspire from those lessons learned."

Donald M. Walter

"I grew up the son of a Mason and later the brother of a Mason, never fully understanding the meaning of being a Mason. Now that I am a member, I realize the importance a diverse group of men offer in terms of charity, camaraderie, and friendship. I'm glad I made the choice to join this organization since it provides me with a place of trust and contemplation as daily life rapidly escapes us. I only wish my father was still here to share this special place."

Mark E. McCulloch

"People ask what we do, and why we do it, and how we do it. To the candidates, I have given a simple response -- this is the way to give back to your community (Masonic Angel Fund, Scholarships, town cleanups, etc.); to set an example for your children; specifically that they are part of a larger society, and as such responsible for contributing to the betterment of the world you live in. Above all, this is a tool for introspection. One of the hidden benefits of Masonry is that it promotes and allows a new way to look at your own life -- and to thus improve it.