Satuit Lodge of Freemasons A.F. & A.M.

Lodges of the Massachusetts 18th Masonic District

The Massachusetts 18th Masonic District encompasses most of the lodges on the South Shore.  It is also one of the most vibrant and active districts in the state.  Here you will find links to other lodges included in the 18th District.

District Deputy Grand Master: R.W. Steven L. Swinhart

District Deputy Grand Secretary: Wor. Carl E. Russell

District Deputy Grand Marshal: Wor. Thomas U. Kenney

  • Also meeting within the lodge buildings of the 18th district are active and vibrant chapters of Freemasonry's youth organizations.

  • There are currently four chapters of the Order of the Eastern Star meeting within the lodge buildings of the 18th district. It is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women may belong. A woman must be a relative of a Mason in good standing to join. A man must himself be a Mason in good standing.


"Secrets and Truths"

"Time for Men to be Men"

Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master, Wor. Robert A. Smith
Senior Warden, Wor. Carl E. Russell
Junior Warden, Bro. Frank Judge
Treasurer, Bro. John F. Gallagher
Assistant Treasurer, R.W. Herbert I. Lewis
Secretary, Bro. J. Michael Lesher
Assistant Secretary, Bro. Glenn E.Snow
Chaplain, Bro. Edward Hatchigian
Assoc. Chaplain, Bro. Rodney Hine
Marshal, Bro. Joseph Broderick
Senior Deacon, Bro. Scott Hollis
Junior Deacon, Bro. Christopher Carchia
Senior Steward, Bro. Stewart J. Withrow
Junior Steward, Bro. Paul DeLeo
Inside Sentinel, Bro. Daniel Hodgkins
Organist, Wor. Michael L. Smith
Tyler, Wor. Edwin A. Taylor
Electrician, Not Installed

Ritualist, R.W. Robert A. Goodwin
Awareness Officer, Not Installed
Service Committee Chair, R.W. Edwin R. Parsons Jr.
Proxy to the Grand Lodge, R.W. Edwin R. Parsons Jr.


Masonic Ambassadors
R.W. Robert A. Goodwin
Wor. Michael L. Smith
R.W. Edwin R. Parsons Jr.

Building Association Officers
President, Bro. Joseph Broderick
Clerk, Bro. Paul DeLeo
Treasurer, Bro. J. Michael Lesher